Major items · Bulk ship




Winco Logistics Co.,Ltd. has many years of experience in bulk ship transportation. This business surpasses its peers by a lot. It undertakes the maritime transportation of various vehicles, equipment, steel products, building materials and other bulk cargo and major items. We have fixed liner services in most ports in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Persian Gulf, South America, and Africa, with stable shipping schedules and extremely advantageous prices.


1). Project cargo transportation

Cargo transport: mainly include concrete mixing station, asphalt mixing station, plant moving equipment, large generator sets, boarding bridges, yachts, locomotives and mining products, wind turbines, etc.;


2). Grocery shipping

Cargo transportation: mainly include various steel structures, hot and cold steel coils, wire rods, ribbed steel, various vehicles, concrete mixing stations, asphalt mixing stations, plant moving equipment, boarding bridges, yachts, locomotives and mining products;


3). Heavy cargo transportation

Cargo transport: main heavy engineering vehicles, concrete mixing plants, asphalt mixing plants, ball mills, oxygen generators, autoclaves, vulcanizers, dryers, large generator sets, wind compressors, boarding bridges, yachts, locomotives, And coal mining products and wind turbines, etc.