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The company mainly provides professional (bulk cargo) ship charter services, and the charter methods are mainly "voyage charter and time charter". At the same time, it provides high-quality and professional ship operation services for shipowners and charterers.


Main ship type: bulk cargo ships of 15000-60000/DWT deadweight tonnage;

Transported goods: mainly coal, iron ore, nickel ore, manganese ore, bauxite, rare earth, clay, lead and gold ore, chrome ore, titanium ore, cassava chips, wood chips, grain, cement, fertilizer, etc.

Main routes: The advantageous routes are the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the Persian Gulf, and South America and Africa.

Service content: sea "chartering transportation service" for bulk cargo.


The company mainly provides professional aircraft leasing services. It mainly provides professional charter flights and air transport operation services for oversized air cargo and large-scale air cargo project cargo.